Lockdown of relationship…..Not everyone is happy staying at home.

People are enjoying their quarantine life happily with their family members and
life partner. People don’t always get this opportunity of spending a lot of time
with their family as this virus has provided.

In the 21st-century people are becoming more troglodyte or we can also say a
person who likes to live alone. They don’t like the interference of others in their
daily lives. In this pandemic situation, people are doing work from home and
spending a lot of time together than before.

But here the question arises “Is staying home having a negative effect on your
relationship?” Maybe for some people, it is a mental breakdown by being stuck
at home. Here where the interpersonal conflicts raises between family members.
Stress, conflicts, frustration, and spending more time with each other can cause
arguments. These conflicts have occurred due to short-term frustration but it
may have a bad impact on the family member’s mental health.

Many people might get the feeling of being criticized, contentment,
defensiveness, and stonewalling whenever they communicate with their partner
or family members. This feeling may arise due to lack of communication,
regular criticism by someone, being unheard, and miscommunication.

So, here are some suggestions for maintaining a healthy relationship during

 Take care of yourself
 Get some physical exercises
 Share responsibilities
 Avoid passing insulting comments and being sarcastic
 Be polite and listen to other person point of view
 Try to give each other some space and time
 Respect each other’s privacy
 Don’t assume that another partner is aware of what you are thinking and
instead, share your thoughts with them
 Practice appreciation and gratitude
 Encourage and support each other
 Play board games or indulge in some interesting activities with your kids.

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