Getting unhealthy for health: COVID 19 a mental virus?

When I was a child I went to zoo, to watch animals that were locked in cage. At
that time I wasn’t sure how they felt but now I do, want to know why? Because
now everyone is locked in their homes because of a virus that nobody can even
see with their naked eyes.

COVID19 a type of coronavirus, is highly infectious disease. People who get
infected may get symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pain, dry cough,
fever and tiredness. This virus can spread by getting in the contact with the
person, who is suffering from COVID19 like through the droplets of saliva
when the person sneezes, shaking hand. It can also spread if you have touched
any surface that has virus on it and then touch your eyes, mouth or nose. The
best way to protect yourself is regularly washing of hands, sanitizing hands with
sanitizer containing 60 to 95% of alcohol and by not touching your face.

The world around us has become so restless and busy. We never had time for
ourselves, and now that we have time people don’t want it. Actually, people
can’t bear it and losing their senses: the sense of thinking straight, the sense of
normalcy, and the sense of happiness.

Instead of being happy with themselves, they are rushing and not taking rest.
Now they are wishing to get back to work. People are never satisfied with the
privilege they are blessed with in present and instead they get sad and worry
about their future.

The big question here is have we come very far? Do we need a virus to make us
take a break? Think about ourselves? Explore oneself? I would also like to add
a thought that, if a person was happy with oneself he would be happy staying
home alone.

My recommendations for the people during this crucial time of the year are:

 Find a new hobby
 Spend time with your loved ones
 Take care of your physical as well as mental health
 Watch your favorite movies and series
 Read as many books as you can
 Take rest
And yes, most importantly love yourself and explore yourself and your
Stay home! Stay safe!

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